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Nothing is absolute. Redefine
concepts, redefine yourself.
Barriers are in your mind.
Accept No Limits!

I would like to once again reiterate my thanks to all those who have supported me along this journey
to new depths. Especially my wife who has been with me from the beginning and with whom I’ve been through hell and back on more than one occasion. By now those closest to this project and myself have been thanked personally. To those whose e-mails of support remain currently unanswered, I have not forgotten you.


In embarking on this journey
I felt like a man on a mission. A mission to prove what I knew in
my heart to be possible.  At each mile stone, when I turned to those who were said to be the reference, who were the leaders, those who were said to possess the nowledge, doors were slammed in my face
and certain even tried to hinder
my progression. This mission of enlightenment and of discovery became fuelled with anger

A flame that never ceased to grow over the years, for which I actually have to be thankful. Thankful in
the sense that it kept me in focus,
it kept me questioning myself, questioning my beliefs and pushing me to not only redefine principles which seemed written in stone
but to redefine myself - my way
of thinking, my metabolism and
my relationship with the Great

The redefinition of concepts I must
stress is not solely linked to the Air
Cavity Flooding
technique. This
is only the tip of the iceberg. What
is astounding to those who actually have taken the time to truly listen,
is the redefining of training oncepts. Training outside the pool or the sea for a free diver might seem strange but one must remember, training
is a conditioning of the body for efforts it is not used to.

Conditioning your body and mind
to perform under severe conditions. Mental and physical preparation
go hand in hand irrespective of
the discipline.

As a certified physiotherapist and mental coach, passionate about sports, I am embarking on a new journey. Because I truly feel that
the logical, or should I say, the natural next step, is to bring my newfound knowledge to the forefront of other recreational and
/or high-level sports. Integrating my know-how to existing training programmes of other high performance athletes.


As an athlete I have nothing else
to prove but everything to share.


The spirit of this dive is what truly matters the most. The numerous messages of encouragement and recognition have proven to me
that a great deal of you have understood that this dive went beyond pure performance, the
whole event had a soul. Whether
we like it or not we are all part of
a system that likes to conduct our behaviour and lead our thoughts. This is why I tell you with a calm heart, question everything, espe-cially those who teach in absolutes. As human beings we are blessed
with creativity and the power to mould a dream, concept or belief
into reality. While questioning, free your mind to all possibilities no
matter how crazy, no matter how
far fetched. We are only as far as we’ve gone till now.

My statement further to the 200m achievement, stemmed from an anger I thought I had under
control but which surfaced with me as I finally broke the box in which a lot of the “self-proclaimed” leading
minds in Freediving, seem to be locked in and wanted to leave me trapped in. I will not pursue this avenue at this time. Just realise
there is a lot here that is unknown by the public and I’ve learnt that
not all are ready to hear the truth. Remember not to assume to know everything because of pure hear


We were told the earth was flat, it
is not, we were told the earth was
the centre of the Universe it is not, we were told the limits for the immersed human body was 50 m we’re now at 209.6 metres. So whatever the field: culture, science, sport… I encourage you to be the next to redefine the limits of
human belief.

 Patrick Musimu

Copyright 2007 © Patrick Musimu. All rights reserved