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A man, a father, an adventurer, for many, a symbol, left us recently. Today my thoughts are amongst the family of Loïc, his loved ones and friends a like. They, better than anyone else, could explain the passion and the choice of this man of exception. Nevertheless, respecting their silence seems to me to be the best gift we can offer, to them who find themselves prematurely mourning the death of one of with whom they've spent a lifetime.


You are many to have reacted on his disappearance. Many among you question the validity of an activity, which seems so distant from your reality. Why? How? The death of Loïc Leferme tragically underlines and recalls that " no limit " is not and should not be regarded as a sporting activity. It stems more from the field of the human adventure, of the the demonstration of the human potential, "the quest".

What sense is there in warranting these dives at the ends of the world in title? What is left to "judge" while, lost at these depths Man discovers something greater than himself?


I don't claim to understand nor want to attempt to explain Loïc's actions, but, while in search of answers, many of you turned to me, so in response I offer a few lines from my upcoming book.
Without having the audacity of trying to give you "the" answer, I nevertheless hope that I may set you off on a path of reflection.

Patrick Musimu

Excerpts from the autobiography

Copyright 2007 © Patrick Musimu. All rights reserved.