(The Ultimate Dive project required 2 years of preparation)

THE ULTIMATE DIVE: On the 30th of June 2005, challenging science and opening his mind to new possibilities, Patrick has redefined the human limits. Shattering the deepest human performance ever registered (171m) he dove on a single breath of air at -209.6m!


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Part 1: "Blessed by the sea"    14/03 - 24/03 2004 READ
Part 2: "A pearl in the desert"  18/06 - 01/07 2004 READ
Part 3: "Opening the gates"       30/09 - 07/10/  2004 READ
Part 4: "The count down has started!"  21/04 - 01/05 READ
Part 5: "Barriers are in your mind"  05/06 - 10/07/2005 READ



In June 2005, within 3 weeks and only 10 dives Patrick Musimu marked history by diving consecutively to 100, 136, 151, 170, 185 meters, and reached the mythical mark of 200 meters on the 26th of June.

On the 30 th of June, his body exhausted forced him to stop after a dive at - 209,6 meters, shattering the deepest human performance registered, by almost 40 meters. Never in the diving history, such a gab between performances has been achieved. To quote Patrick: "We still have the capacity to mould a dream into reality"    



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