209 metres below the sea... a forgotten lake” is the true yet incredible story of a man who became a World Champion not for himself, rather despite himself.
A man who, risking his own life, would one day let us hear his rage while pushing himself to a depth of 200 metres without taking
a breath.



His is the tale of the inescapable, emotionally charged fate of a man from the moist African soil; of a ten year old child’s conviction that his
life is but the colour-filled dream
of a sleeping giant; a child who understood that he had to die to
be reawakened and who, at the
end of his long journey, would
successfully break free of his
chains by holding his breath.

In this work, the author divulges
the “perceived rationality” which
has led society to regard his considered gesture as pure heresy, as organised suicide carried out by
a whole community and deemed scientifically impossible. He saw the hidden face of a fraternity of
pariahs one special day, and
through it, that of a world about
to suffocate, drowning under the weight of its own dogmas and values.

He goes on unapologetically to describe what his soul saw and touched during his dives ‘to the bottom of the world’, how, alone and lost in the deep blue enormity,

he discovered his own paradise
which opened his awareness to
the ‘seventh sense’. When commenting on his dives, Patrick Musimu admits, “I have nine lives
and I’ve already used four of them”.

But even more surprising is that
the initial journey and philosophical thoughts of this man on his path
to Awakening directly question mankind’s intrinsic nature, only to
end by understanding it; he forces us to question our own comprehension
of conventions and the basis of those systems which dictate that ‘our world never stops turning’.

Crazed, anachronistic Samurai prisoner, impassioned, adventurous, rational, caught up in a humanity set on self-destruction and self-discovery, doesn’t Patrick Musimu’s story give us at least some small glimpse at the answer to the universal question, ‘Who are we?’

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