Diver in the blue

Inner depths -

The art in which I aspire to excel has become a life philosophy that has revealed to me as a true self. It takes just a moment to change the course of a human destiny. In discovering the sea through free diving I regained contact with simplicity and understood my path. I have adopted the motto expressed by Confucius "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand".

During a free dive I feel my mind detached from my body. As I merge into the maritime world, I separate from the predetermined idea I have of myself. Nothing is absolute and barriers are mere mental hypotheses. Little by little, my mind gains the conviction that there are no limits. In this quest, free diving becomes my instrument, which I play like a virtuoso in the silent world of great depths.

- The Ultimate Dive: a tribute to Africa -

I would like to dedicate the spirit of  “The Ultimate Dive” to my roots, Africa.
I hope that my story will one day reach a little boy or a little girl in need.

Out there, there are thousands of casualties of our ignorance and selfishness. May my achievement and determination inspire them and give them the strenght to stand up. May them one day also believe that even deep in their misery... nothing is impossible!


Nothing is absolute. Redefine concepts, redefine yourself. Barriers are in your mind.
Accept No Limits!



Patrick Musimu, godfather
of Doctors of the World and Be Charity

Created in 1980 by Bernard
Kouchner, Doctors of the World is a non-governmental organisation providing medical care to vulnerable populations. Doctors of the World aims are to help people and to raise people awareness on poverty and on the unequal access to health worldwide. Doctors of the World work for those people forgotten -marginalized and poor. Therefore, their projects take place in both developing and developed countries.

Be Charity intends to support projects led by those whose dedication are worth giving a boost, but who because of limited resources and lack of infrastructure are struggling to make themmselves known to the public. Be Charity seeks to encourage you to adopt a humanitarian outlook, by which you include a charitable and philanthropic dimension in your personal projects and initiatives.

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