Excerpts from the autobiography
« 209 meters below sea...
a forgotten lake  »   

The final dive

"... I feel no anxiety, no need
to breathe, the concept of breathing as a means to exist
is now foreign to me.

The rest of the journey is
mine, all mine. What ever the outcome, all I have to do is
allow the pressure of the water to play with my organism and
to completely enjoy the ride. The clinking has stopped, I’m finally free, my soul is free.
I have entered the most
beautiful part of the journey.
I’m over-whelmed with joy as I know I am alone, completely alone.

I smile inwardly thinking of those who have made this moment so difficult to achieve. Whilst they wait to see if I surface, so as to pass judgment on my success, they don’t realise…. They don’t realise and probably never will that for me, I’ve already won."

"... At 160 m, I open yet another door and I enter a whole new dimension. My body has ceased to exist. The separation of mind and flesh is finally complete. I no longer feel my hands, nor sense my body.
I am now a spiritual entity. I feel blessed by the gods to be living this magical moment. For the fourth time, I experience selfish bliss."

" I say to myself : “Incredible….so beautiful. You’re so lucky!” You, being the underwater mammals, that dwell daily at these incredible depths.


"As the 60 kilo weight drags
me like an arrow towards abyss
like depths, I feel them to my right escorting me as I am caught in the wake of their power. Like a painter inspired, my mind continues to fill the canvas : two majestic humpback whales.

A Freudian interpretation of
this vision would probably
see the image before me as
a subconscious repositioning of the dive in the larger scale of things. Why to my right, am I not completely left handed ?
I do not have the keys to unlock the hidden meanings,
for now. Maybe at the bottom, further down I’ll discover them. I am but a drop dissolved in
this great blue expanse.


Train of thought

"... We are all meant to die
one day. We are born to better die. Human beings are equipped with the faculty of thought, which they say, raises him above all other living creatures. Better than anyone we know the inevitable exit of our existence and yet, should one amongst us act in a manner that may risk drawing it closer, it is an entire system, which is shaken in its certainties. In this respect, even the men of the blue have a lot to learn from the men of the clouds. “Himalayists” climb their peaks and do not look back.

Formerly, sailors traveled the world in search of new lands at the risk of their lives. Many did not return. Were these actions, often justified and warranted by the hope of profit, power or even by science or religion, that more noble than those based on an intrinsic and visceral need for pure discovery, exploration of the human potential and ones personal quest?”

"... The sea and its depths remain a mystery for Man. For many it still symbolizes darkness, a world populated with evil
and languid creatures. For others, since she remains misunderstood, she has
kept her ancient and divine nature. To venture there, then becomes a perjury against the gift of life that was bequeathed to us.”


" Our action, although unconven- tional will have had the merit of underlining and reminding people that we all have the ability to shape
our dreams and make them reality. The barriers are in our minds. To accept one's limits
or those set for us, amounts
to failing in our duty as human beings. Then, destiny no longer appears to be a mere forced order. It is given to us to
make choices and hear the
voice which speaks to us
about this destiny."

" These dives, from the outside, might seem stained by conflict,
a power struggle between a
few men in search of futile supremacy. But if for the length of a lifetime, which is ours, you could take the time to stop
and listen without trying to understand, you too could decipher this fabulous destiny, which is ours."

"... Be it thanks to Jacques Mayol, Enzo Maiorca, Francisco Ferreras, Gianluca Genoni, Umberto Pelizzari, Loïc Leferme, Patrick Musimu or other actors of the Big Blue, all these dives have a common factor, to have
spoken to, touched and inspired an entire society in search of inspiration and references. The quarrels past, often kept alive voluntarily by certain media, at the end of the day stem from the domain of human nature. But aren’t the sirens of the Big Blue human after all, and in that
case capable of the best as of the worst? Otherwise, all that would be left would be for the world of common mortals to deify and erect statues in our image."

"... When you’re able to hear your soul release its last sigh,
like a dying man would his last breath, yet your body, which hasn’t been yours for the last tens of meters, tens of seconds lived as an eternity, continues to outlive you ; at that moment you are no longer, you are everything.”

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