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Solvay Business School
Licenced Physiotherapist

Marketing Manager
Event Project manager
Corporate speaker

Science & Coaching:
DAN Apnea Task Force
R&D: Air Cavity Flooding technique
Physical & mental sports trainer
Scuba Instructor

International Sports career:
Multiple freediving world record holder
Taekwondo- boxing competitor

Enter a new dimension and discover the inner world of an extraordinary man, his goals and his passion for what he calls:

"The art of free diving"   

© Benoît Milet

The youth

The sea was not part of his life growing up. Swimming was something he learned by watching people. The closest thing Patrick can remember to an interest in breath control was challenging his friends to see who could hold his breath the longest, when he was 11 years old and living in Kinshasa. He could hold it for 2 minutes before feeling dizzy and giving up.  

Patrick Musimu has been involved in many sports and many activities. During a boxing match once, he received a brutal punch to the nose that distorted his nasal wall. This apparently minor accident was to have some unexpected consequences. At the age of 27, after leaving Brussels with his partner to become a diving instructor in Bonaire (Dutch Carribean), he realised he would need an operation to enable him to do his job properly. Than in 1999, back in Brussels, while waiting for its operation, Patrick Musimu discovered free diving reading a magazine. This revelation was soon to become an overwhelming passion. The spirit behind this sport matched exactly with his martial art philosophy: "a perpetual need to push forward one's physical and mental limits."

The records

Soon disappointed by the "classical" teaching method of free diving, he
decided to follow his own path. Based on his scientific knowledge and his
previous martial art experience, he developed his personal training program.
His program is a real revolution, unlike most free divers around the world, Patrick never trains in swimming pool! Winter 1999-2000, Patrick assisted by his fiancée, pursued his training in the cold water of the Belgian quarries. The water was 4° C at the surface. Months had passed and ONE year after his first descent he officially broke in 2 days, 2 world records in front of the jury of the international free diving federation.

Patrick kept on training and few months later he succeeded a training dive in "free immersion" at a depth of 86m in the Turks & Caicos waters. Exceeding the official record by 13m! He than improved his training method and decided to test his abilities in other free diving categories.

On April 20th 2002, after training in the Dominican Republic waters he broke his third world record at 87metres in the constant ballast class. The record was organized and sanctioned by Pipin Ferreras, Audrey Mestre and officials of the IAFD.

The same year, training in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, Patrick designed a sled (weighted device) and decided to go for his 4th record in the variable weight class. Supported by SSS Hyperbaric Networks and the professional team of technical divers of Bahia Divers lead by Tim Welch, Patrick succeeded on November 12th to reach a depth of 120m/396ft. The dive took 3min 10sec and was sanctioned by AIDA officials.


The turning point

The more he progressed, the more Patrick Musimu realised that the fact of surpassing himself and pushing back his limits was leading him towards a personal quest and questions that he would never have imagined. From that point on, fre diving became far more than a mere sport, but instead a genuine inner path towards an encounter with himself and with the sea. - "Training for this last record I' ve discovered a new world and entered a new dimension. Competition has no personal value anymore and has been replaced by passion and self-fulfillment."

In 2002, after 4 world records set under the regulations of A.I.D.A. and I.A.F.D., Patrick Musimu decided to step out of the freediving federations.His quest for the unknown lead him to the No Limit category. According to him, this category should not be considered nor used as a sport.

In 2003, Patrick had a dream. The idea was to test and demonstrate human potential far from any commercial and political games.In 2004, the authorities of the Red Sea Government believed in his tremendous project and gave the green light to the most ambitious diving project: "The Ultimate Dive".

His approach challenged many commonly held beliefs about "no limit" diving, the most extreme category in free diving. Despite all the controversy and barriers encountered Patrick kept focused and trained to survive the unknown.

In June 2005, within 3 weeks and only 10 dives Patrick Musimu marked history
by diving consecutively to 100, 136, 151, 170, 185 metres, and on the 26 th of June, he finally reached the mythical mark of 200 metres.

On the 30 th of June, his body exhausted forced him to stop after a dive at - 209,6 metres, shattering the deepest human performance registered by almost 40 metres. Never in the diving history, such a gab between
performances has been achieved.


" Nothing is absolute. Redefine concepts, redefine yourself.
Barriers are in your mind.
Accept No Limits! "

Patrick Musimu



World records

No Limit         
209.60 metres/ 692ft, Egypt 2005

200 metres / 660ft, Egypt 2005

185 metres / 610ft, Egypt 2005

Variable ballast  
metres/ 396ft, Mexico 2002

Constant ballast  
metres / 287ft, Dom. Rep. 2002

Free Immersion   
metres / 215ft, Belgium 2000

Constant ballast 
metres / 208ft, Belgium 2000

Breath-holding performance
8 min 33 sec

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