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(The Ultimate Dive project required 2 years of preparation)

PART 4: 21/04 - 01/05/05  "The count down has started!"


If I had to summarize this training session I would say: meetings – video shooting – sled preparation - … and at the very


Months ago, Patrick announced to the freediving community that he was looking for a safety freediver to join and complete the team. Numerous divers kindly replied to his call. The choice was hard to make but Patrick made the final decision and welcomed Eduard Spinu. For the first time, Eduard took part of the adventure.

 The stamina of the Egyptians is incredible, taking care of their own professional matters during the day, they schedule their meeting late at night. In their agenda you could find freediving, freediving and again freediving. The Red Sea government is according a great importance to this event. No freediving record attempt has had the chance to host so many international media for decades. From France to Russia, international medias are coming to witness The Ultimate Dive. But organizing such an unprecedented event requires a tremendous organization.

In order to be ready for his fifth and final training session, starting on the 5th of June, Patrick started the construction of the 2–piece sled, which will be used for the record. For those who does not understand the utility of such a device, you should know that this particular sled design allow the diver to leave the weighted part of the sled on the bottom and come back with the inflated part only. It should allow Patrick to sky- rocket to the surface with an average speed of 3.5-4m/s. Started on Tuesday 26th the sled was completely finished on the 30th.  


But in Egypt the good news came from Poland, indeed Patrick received the confirmation he was desperately waiting for the past 3 months from Krzysztof Wlostowski: the underwater housing, which will be mounted on the sled was done and tested in Poland in special Hyperbaric chamber to depth of 225m without leakage. The camera placed inside will record the entire descent proving that Patrick did not use any artificial air resources to reach the 200m mark, which as all experts would testify, would be suicidal at such depths anyway. These precious images will bring to the surface the testimonyof the dive, which will have marked the History of diving. Moreover, Suunto European Dive Manager will be present and will explain to the press Patrick's dive profile after the performance. With state of the art instruments like unique dive computers and underwater cameras, Patrick has now all the necessary tools to demonstrate to the world his ability to adapt
to the underwater world.


The media crew of TV5 enjoyed Egyptian hospitality. They had the opportunity to see the team in action, to visit the temples of Luxor and to take part to a bowling session, game of predilection of Mr Maged El Kady.


Back in Brussels, Patrick is now busy with the shooting of different documentaries and interviews… The count down has started!



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