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Patrick Musimu to dive to 140m in Hurghada, in preparation of absolute no limit world record

Patrick Musimu corporate speaker for Nexum France (Paris)

Patrick Musimu interviewed by Sabado Magazine (Portugal)

Patrick Musimu, corporate speaker for Johnson & Johnson

Patrick Musimu, article coverage in MAX magazine Italy

Patrick Musimu, corporate speaker for Les Laboratoires Servier, in Prague

Patrick Musimu featured in Stan Lee's SuperHumans series, on US History channel


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" Nothing is absolute.-----
Redefine concepts, redefine yourself. Barriers are in your mind
Accept No Limits."

In June 2005, Patrick Musimu redefined
the human limits. Challenging rigid concepts and dogmas he broke human mental barriers and became the first man to dive to 200 metres on a single breath of air.

In 2010, Patrick remains the only human being who reached such a depth without external breathing artifact...

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